In Lajkovac, a small town located in the picturesque surroundings of western Serbia, there is a unique attraction - the Lajkovac railway. This railway route is not only part of the local infrastructure, but a symbol of history, endurance and community.

Our guide, a robot named Kali, comes to Lajkovac with the aim of exploring the rich history of this railway and sharing stories about its importance with visitors from all over Europe. Kali is equipped with advanced technology that allows him to dive deep into the past and discover every detail of this important thoroughfare.

One of Kali's most significant roles is to uncover inspiring stories of togetherness and solidarity among the local population who have built, maintained and used this railway over the decades. For example, Kali can tell the story of a group of enthusiasts who organized actions to clean and restore the old railway, contributing to the preservation of its cultural and historical importance.

Kali becomes a symbol of commitment to the preservation of heritage and the safety of passengers along the Lajkovac railway. Its presence raises awareness of the importance of preserving cultural and infrastructural treasures, while simultaneously providing useful information and helping to preserve the safety of travelers and the environment.

Slika Kali