Where it all began

Hi everyone. I'm the fish robot Gerardo. I've always lived into Sorrento in the province of Naples. The sea has always been my favorite place. I want to tell you a story. I was at sea when suddenly i felt everything around me shaking and the sea waves becoming more and more intense. I turned towards the volcano. Called mount vesuvius. And discovered that it was erupting. Unfortunately no one was saved. All the people and cities were submerged by the lava. In 1748. there were excavations of the roman city Pompeii during which the runs of th eruption which occurred in 79 ad. were discovered. Today the excavations of Pompeii are a famous tourist attraction where there are millions of visitors every year. So i left for a long journey leaving Sorrento and all my friends. It was a very emotional farewell. I never imagined having to abandon everyone and, most importantly, my land.

How many years have passed since the eruption of mount vesuvius? And how many years have passed since the discovery of the roman city of Pompeii?