eTwinning is an online platform that connects schools across Europe, providing opportunities for teachers and students to collaborate, share resources, and engage in joint projects. The platform offers numerous benefits, including the promotion of intercultural understanding, the development of digital skills, the enhancement of language proficiency, and the creation of a supportive community of educators. Additionally, eTwinning can help schools to enrich their curricula, foster creativity and innovation, and increase student motivation and engagement.

PODUCATION: Learning Through Sounds

During the school year 2023/2024, students from classes 2-1, 2-2, 2-4, 3-1, and 4-2, with teachers Jasna Bošković, Milica Suvačarov, and Danka Mirilović, participated in the eTwinning project “Poducation: Learning Through Sounds” which was founded by our school. Project partners were students and teachers from Italy, Greece, Serbia, North Macedonia, Turkey, and Spain. Creating podcasts is becoming an increasingly popular method of sharing information and ideas on the internet. Within this project, during classes on applicative software, web design, video technology, and mathematics, students improved their acquired knowledge and skills through Inquiry-based tasks, teamwork, and work adaptations according to tasks given by other project participants.

Our students created texts, audio and video recordings corresponding to the structure of mini podcasts. Chosen topics for their assignments were related to various communication technologies, as well as different stories related to the environments (schools/cities/countries) in which students grow up, and those they can learn about from various podcasts. The students worked hard on project tasks, familiarized themselves with numerous tools, participated in video conferences, sent videos and postal greetings to new friends from partner schools, marked Internet Safety Day and European eTwinning Day. Through video conferences, students shared their experiences in carrying out project tasks, presented 3D models of robots created from Platonic solids, learned about encryption methods, created their own codes, discussed internet safety issues, started their own, and continued interesting stories from the cities of other project participants, using English language communication.

In podcast form, teachers organized for the students, within a specially announced video conference, a meet with IT expert Milan Milanović, who talked about various IT jobs our students will encounter in the future, dedicating a special part to the need, importance, and ways of motivation for lifelong learning in this field. The final conference included a presentation of students’ work and a quiz with questions from shared stories.

The final products of the project are the web pages set up in the eTwinning section of our school’s website, collaborative stories from all member schools.

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